The XOOPS Open Conference 2005 in Tokyo

I am pleased to introduce that the XOOPS Open Conference 2005 in Tokyo was successfully held on 21st May. With over 120 participants, we discussed a lot of topics concerning the XOOPS, exchanged our ideas and talked each other face to face. Many xoopsers got fan together!

Followings are brief reports of our meeting. It's just for your reference.

Session1 : Security
Presenter: GIJOE

GIJOE, the author of the customizing XOOPS (which is famous book in Japan), showed us how security of web applications is important, with some cases of cracks. GIJOE also explained it is important to know tactics of crackers to defend one's website.
Example :
He demonstrate and explained how XSS attack affect to the website. He insisted it was better for us not to have needless function or information to minimize mischief of cracks.

In the Q and A session, he said random session keys is not useful to prevent website from session highjack. He also explained details of XSS attacks.

Session 2 : Core development - Brief introduction of XOOPS-JP project.
Presenter: Ryuji, Marijuana
After introduction of jp-core development members, there was explanation of XOOPS history, from 2002 to today. Since the change of core-development framework in September 2003, it took much time to reflect proposals from XOOPS JP team, such as bug fixes and security countermeasures. Thus, JP-team decided to make new (fork) version of XOOPS with new jp-core development team, with following 3-S as their direction.

Secure : To ensure security of the system so that various groups and the enterprises use it at ease.
Simple : Removing some of functions in present core which has not been used.
Scalable : Ensuring scale expansion so that many webmasters can use the system fitting their needs.

In the Q and A session, it was explained that :
- The new team welcome developers from all over the world.
- It is XOOPS from Japan, but we consider it would be used in the world.
- We work to keep compatibility of the modules with the XOOPS at However, it is not guaranteed whether complete compatibility can be kept with the XOOPS at .

Session 3 :
History of the use of the XOOPS:

Tadashi explained his impression and view of past and present trends of the XOOPS.
In Japan, XOOPS getting popular, with use of famous politician's official website. From the beginning of 2003, XOOPS got more attention from people in Japan. In 2004, the XOOPS was used in all of 47 prefectures (local administrative divisions) in Japan. He expected the XOOPS would be use for not only online community site but also marketing tools (such as online questionnaires) in near future.

Case Studies:
From my experience - Managing multiple web portals by the XOOPS.

Sakimura explained it was indispensable to make use of CMS to manage website smoothly. He also suggested it would be better to have :
- pluggable authentic method
- implementation of Federation/SSO (Single Sign-On)
- ensuring security
- improvement of scalability
- compatibility for another DBs
- compatibility for mobiles
- improvement of accessibility

Let's make my personal website. - from 1 week experience.
Yuzuho, it was first XOOPS experience for her, explained how she made a website for just seventeen hours. She explained:

- using Oreteki-XOOPS with PHP5.
- difficulties to edit default theme. She recommended to find suitable theme which downloadable at many site.
- It may be difficult to use newbb modules. She adopt yybbs which had more familier user interface for Japanese users.
- To make the site looks open to every one, she put login function backyard, not at top page.
- SSO module with the TypeKey
-> By using 3rd party's service, users does not need to show their password to a site admin.

Session 4: How to customize XOOPS
TOM_G3X gave us some tips to customize a XOOPS website. He explained it was better for us considering a following measure first, before hacking core or modules.
- Modify settings from admin menu at first
- Then, modify theme and module template.
- Make use of the smarty. Most customize done by use of smarty and template.

He also explained how to add new variable of smarty, how to get information of module and so on.

Session 5: Talk and Free time
From comment from participants, it was indicated that:
- "XOOPS is very functional as much as I expect."
- "I'd like to learn PHP language more after the conference."
- "From the view point of designer, I expect more in flexibilities and accessibilities."
We held a lottery. Winners get a XOOPS book.

Developer's meeting.

Developers' meeting was held in parallel with Session3.
Over 20 XOOPS module developers, web designers and site administrators participated in this meeting.
In the developer meeting, we discussed that outline of jp-core development project, core development at and request for XOOPS developers. We also exchange some ideas of XOOPS development.
In the request for XOOPS development, participants said
- "I hope XOOPS would be more user friendly for beginners."
- "It seems that the XOOPS site tend to get slow. I hope the XOOPS would
become more fast."
- "I hope the XOOPS would be more object-oriented systems."

Nobunobu explained jp-core development project. The project put targets "3-S", "Secure", "Simple", "Scalability".
Core development roadmap at based on message from Mithrandir was also explained by nobunobu.
After that, Marijuana explained MOX, next generation Oreteki-XOOPS. He is aiming to develop very simple XOOPS with small core.

Dinner party:
After the conference, we had goodwill banquet at Kabuki-cho, Shinjyuku.
About participants attend the party. We enjoyed eating, drinking and talking each other.





Session 1: Security

Session 2: Core development

Developers Meeting

Lecture for beginners

Session3: Case studies

Dinner party at this restaurant

Dinner Party

Dinner Party

I won the XOOPS book!

More pictures available here.

Handouts of the event.

PowerPoint Presentations : Session 3 / Session 4